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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Weeks 1-4

Good morning Reception. 

Please remember to read as much as possible during the week. What labels can you read around your kitchen.

What shapes can you find around your house and write down how many.  

You may want to keep a diary in the book you took home about what you are up to with lots of drawings. 

What are your favourite games?


Week 2 

Good afternoon Reception.

Please find attached our weekly newsletter.

Also there is a booklet which is packed with lovely ideas for home learning. These are only ideas which can be dipped in and out of over the next few weeks. They are not in anyway obligatory. 

Hope all is going well and that you all stay happy and healthy, keep smiling!

From the Reception team


Weeks 3 and 4 

Dear Reception

Wow, its Friday again, the weeks are passing by so quickly! Well, today is the last day of school before the Easter holidays and the last day of the Spring term. It has been a very busy term, with a fantastic school trip to Bockett’s Farm which we all enjoyed. Every one of you has worked so hard this term and made lots of progress, look at how well you can all now write!

Over the next two weeks we hope you will all be able to have lots of fun with your families in the run up to Easter Day. Let’s hope the sun comes back out and then we can all continue to enjoy the hour’s daily exercise in the sunshine.

We have come up with some more idea’s to help with your learning at home and hope you enjoy doing some of them.

Please remember these are NOT obligatory for any you.

One of the most important and best things to do is to keep reading as much as possible. Practise reading using your phonics and also ask your family to read as many stories to you as they can. You can talk about the pictures in the stories you have read, make up new characters and new endings for your favourite stories. Maybe have a go with your family at writing your own stories to tell each other.  

Remember to keep practising your phonic sounds and tricky words. You may like to use a website we often use in school called Phonics Play.  You can set up free access to it at home during this time.  

Once you have logged in go to Resources – click on Phase 2 or 3 and a range of interactive games will show. The children will be familiar with some of them - Flashcards is a way to practise the sounds, Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto and Dragon’s Den to blend words (real and nonsense).

There is also the tricky words songs to sing along with: for phase 2 and for phase 3.

Over the next few weeks keep practising your numbers, sing along with the ‘Big Numbers Song’ on YouTube. Practise writing your numbers as often as you can making sure they are formed correctly. You could write them in paint, crayons, pencils, chalk or with water and a paintbrush outside.

Use a timer and record how many skips, jumps or hops you can do in a minute. See if you can challenge others in your family to beat you.

You might have already done the ‘Art Challenge’ but if not have a go – its great fun. You could make a scrap book or do the doodle challenge. Draw a picture of all your family and ask them to write their names for you to practise.

Maybe make a ‘den’ to play in or set up a shop selling tins from the kitchen.

Remember to keep doing the Joe Wicks PE, it’s so much fun and children (and adults) across the world are doing it too. Use ‘Just Dance’ or make up a new dance to your favourite song.

When you go outside for a walk or in the garden, keep an eye on all the wildlife around at the moment – there are so many birds looking for nesting materials. Also remember to keep watching the fox cubs at ‘Wildlife Aid’.

Most importantly though have fun and keep smiling.

The Reception Team

Below is for parents’ eyes only!

As we are not officially setting set work that we can then award Star of the Week for we have attached a Star of the Week certificate for you to decide if your child deserves one for their work/approach to work that they are doing at home. We suggest limiting it to awarding it once or twice over the next 6 weeks. This is to ensure it remains something special. We thought it could be a good motivational tool for you to use too. ”You may be Star of the Week for doing this!”, for example.

We have included our names on the certificates, as you are awarding them on our behalf. However, if you feel that you’d rather be the person awarding it please feel free to remove and say it’s from you! It really depends on what will make your child feel most proud. It is important that they are experiencing a sense of achievement, especially in these challenging times.

If you don’t have access to a printer please show them on the screen.