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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Week 5 20/4/2020

Dear Reception

Wow, its Friday again, the weeks are passing by so quickly! We all hope you had a very Happy Easter holiday and are continuing to have lots of fun at home and still enjoying the hour’s daily exercise in the sunshine.

Hopefully some of you will have dipped into the two booklets we have sent out and have been enjoying some of the activities. Please do not panic if you have not yet, and please remember these are NOT obligatory for any of you to do.

We have attached another booklet, it is ‘Talk for Writing Home-School booklet – Mavis the Magical Cat by Jane Ralphs’. It looks like lots of fun and has some great ideas in it. As you probably remember during the past two terms in school we have been doing some ‘Talk for Writing’ as we learn different stories using story maps and actions – you may have retold some of these stories to your families.

As a whole school, during the week our topic work will be learning about ‘Oceans’ and ideas have been attached.

Again, we can’t emphasis enough, one of the most important and best things to do is to keep reading as much as possible. Practise reading using your phonics and also ask your family to read as many stories to you as they can. You can talk about the pictures in the stories you have read, make up new characters and new endings for your favourite stories. Maybe have a go with your family at writing your own stories to tell each other.  

Remember to keep practising your phonic sounds and tricky words. You may like to use a website we often use in school called Phonics Play.  You can set up free access to it at home during this time.  

Once you have logged in, go to Resources – click on Phase 2 or 3 and a range of interactive games will show. The children will be familiar with some of them - Flashcards is a way to practise the sounds, Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto and Dragon’s Den to blend words (real and nonsense).

There is also the tricky words songs to sing along with: for phase 2 and for phase 3.

Over the next week keep practising your numbers, sing along with the ‘Big Numbers Song’ on YouTube. Practise writing your numbers as often as you can making sure they are formed correctly.

You might have already done the ‘Art Challenge’ but if not have a go – its great fun. You could make a scrap book or do the doodle challenge. Draw a picture of all your family and ask them to write their names for you to practise.

Remember to keep doing the Joe Wicks PE, it’s so much fun and children (and adults) across the world are doing it too. Use ‘Just Dance’ or make up a new dance to your favourite song.

When you go outside for a walk or in the garden, keep an eye on all the wildlife around at the moment – there are so many birds looking for nesting materials. Also remember to keep watching the fox cubs at ‘Wildlife Aid’.

Most importantly though, have fun and keep smiling.

The Reception Team