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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Week 5 - WB 20.04.20

Hello Year 3!

We hope you're well and had a wonderful Easter. 

This week would have been the first week of the summer term.  What a long way we have come since September.

The work set this week is about oceans in English; measuring, particularly weight and capacity is what we're tackling in maths, and in RE we have designed some work about Judaism for you.  

We appreciate each family has different circumstances.  There's enough work to keep you busy all week, which some families will be able to do, but we are also aware that some families will not be able to achieve this due to work commitments and other reasons. There is no pressure at all to do everything, it is there if you are able to but if you only get some of it done that’s fine too. We have also set a mixture of paper based activities and online activities as we realise that not all children will have access to a computer all the time.

Please do get in contact with us via the school office if you have any questions or if you want to show us any photos of you working from home.  We love hearing from you. 

Big hugs, 

Mrs Campbell, Mrs Speight, Mrs Smith and the Year 3 Team xxx