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THE BUILD 2023.24

Session 5: February 23rd 2024







Session 4: February 2nd 2024

Today we presented our story, slogan and logo to Mrs George and Mr Tanton. we talked about sending sponsorship letters to local companies like love your Logo, Mclaren, Stonegate and Thames water.

We then checked that all the bolts were tight. Some people also worked on the front of the car. We secured the seat on the car with nuts, bolts and washers.

Then we discussed who would design

  • T- shirts,
  • the frame of the body work
  • the sponsorship letters.

It was an informative day! 




Session 3: January 26th 2024

Today was a building day.

When we first arrived, we went straight onto building the car.

We started to identify

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers

We also needed to find the correct Allen keys and spanners. Because we used teamwork, we were all very efficient at the building. We finished the chair and started the bodywork. At one point, we made a mistake with the bolts on the chair but identified this, reflected and improved. We found out how useful open ended spanners are when tightening  bolts in a tight space.

Overall, this has been a very successful day!




Hard at work getting our slogan and logo ready for  next week.


These are some of the ideas that we have come up with so far. This week, we are going to work with these ideas and create our final logo, slogan and message, ready for next week.





Session 2: January 19th 2024

Today in GreenPower we started to build the main body of the car, using bolts, spanners ,screws and washers. At the beginning, we were talking about our slogan for being green.

Our GreenPower message was to save our oceans and save the creatures in it. We looked at the diagram of the car which told us were the bolts, washers and screws were located.

We shared our ideas around as a group,  these were

. saving our seas

. buying local

. using re- usable items

. carbon footprint

. reduce pollution

We all agreed that we should do it based on saving the ocean and reduce pollution going into our seas.

Miss George and Mr Tanton told us that the battery is placed at the back of the car which gives extra weight at the back which gives more traction.

The motor of the car is battery powered (like batteries from a from a mobility scooter) ,but it's had some upgrades so it's faster than an average mobility scooter (around 15 miles an hour). Today we learnt also about how we need to add 1 washer to either side of nuts and bolts to spread the pressure (increase the surface area).





Session 1: January 12th 2024

Today was our first GreenPower session and we were all really excited.

Firstly, we introduced ourselves.

  • Tanisha
  • Samson
  • Timmy
  • Elliott
  • Charlotte
  • Joseph
  • Lucas

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is an organisation where we design and build a strong and healthy car (good for the environment) and give it a green message for it to have unique design.

What we learnt

Once we had introduced ourselves, we learnt about the car. We found out that the car was powered by an electric battery. This is a green way of powering cars. We also found out that the car was made out steel because it is a secure, strong and safe metal. Secondly, the metal has holes (to make it lighter) and a roll bar to protect our heads. Surprisingly, the car only has a start and a brake but no gears.

Health and Safety

When driving the car, we always wear a helmet, gloves, goggles and an overall. Equally important, we wear seat belts. Whenever we drive the car, we need to remember the following rules:

  • STOP
  • LOOK

We also need to bear in mind that GreenPower is a team and we work together.

Bodywork/our story

The body of our car needs to be light and aerodynamic, but we also need it to tell a story and give a green and inspiring message to others. So far, we have come up with an ocean theme asking the question: Which future do you want? We may want to also compare a healthy ocean to a polluted ocean.