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THE BUILD 2019.20



Friday 13th March






Friday 6th March

The GreenPower team (Oli M, Livia Oli W, Louis , Sammy and Claudia) witnessed what driving the car felt like today.

Before we reached outside, Miss George talked through some safety rules with us before we started.

As we reached outside Sammy was so eager to go on it first, followed by Louis who both really enjoyed it.  We were careful to ensure that we had done all of our safety checks before the car was switched on and the pusher was ready!


Knowing that some of us were scared, we decided to cheer them on to make them more confident and feel better.

Today, we started with only one battery in so that we could get used to the steering and the braking.

After everyone had their go, Louis and Sammy worked together to bring the car back in safely.

What a day!   

Lewis Seedtons quote of the day: 

It's ok to feel different emotions when experiencing new things. Just take one step at a time!



Friday 28 February 2020

Today we secured the seat belt and discussed how to start the race by a pusher says to the driver are you ready- driver says yes-power on-3 2 1-push.


After that we talked about the electrical circuits and understood that fuses are very important as they cut the power if too much electricity flowing through the circuit. This is because the metal of the fuses melts at a low temperature so the motor can’t overheat.

At the end of the GreenPower today, we started to think about the design and the livery of the bodywork of the car. These are a few ideas that we came up with:

  1. The team came up with the solar system
  2. A cola can
  3. A formula E car
  4. A 60s F1 car
  5. Wow such a clean planet
  6. A cat themed car



Lewis Seedton words of the day:

You can always get something done with a team especially if it is a team of F1 mechanics.


7th of February 2020

By Sammy and Louis

At 7:30 AM, the Green Power team started work on the car, a few of them arrived early so they started tightening the nuts and bolts.

Then a few started on the brakes and, when they finished it, Sammy got to sit in the car and test the brakes! WE worked out that a bowden cable is used and when the brake is squeezed, the brake pads squash against the disc to stop it from rotating. Ana that is how the car stops!

After that, we were told what a differential was and how two cogs helps the car turn but we weren’t going to put it on our car because it would cost a lot and add some weight.

Soon after they learnt that the cars power train was 12 volts. At 8 Am we were taught how the cars electrics  were in two parts one of them was the ignition switch and the other was the throttle. On the car, there is an emergency switch to cut of the power.

We also learnt that a green and yellow wire is called an Earth wire a blue wire is called a negative wire and a red wire is called a positive wire. After that they finished.


Lewis Seedton’s words of the day:

If you don’t sucseed try try try try try try try try try try try try try again like they did with the brakes then.



31st January 2020

Reported by Claudia and Livia

Today we were continuing to build the car. It is really beginning to take shape!

In the morning, Livia, Sophia, Kayan, Louis and Sammy were working on the sides of the car, making sure all the bolts were in place. Charlie, Ollie M, Claudia and Ollie W were putting the steering wheel in place. It was quite a fiddly job but we all managed to do our duties using teamwork and perseverance.


Next, we went around the whole car and made sure all the bolts were in place and tight enough so everything was secure for our big races. We learnt that we had to double check our work since some bolts weren’t in place, or even on the car at all!


We then turned the car on its side so we could check all around it for any loose bolts. Finally, with slightly aching fingers, we went back to our class.

It was a very busy morning!


Lewis Seedton Quote

Use perseverance to power through the day!



24th January 2020

Reported by Sammy, Louis and  Kayan

On Friday the 24th of January 2020, the GreenPower team set off building the car. There were two teams: the front end and the roll-cage.

At the roll-cage Kayan, Charlie, Oliver W, Livia, Claudia and Oliver M put on and tightened the roll-cage on top of the motor housing, where they used a 13” closed end spanner, and some nuts and bolts.


At the front, they put on the bonnet/hood of the car with one adjustable spanner and a 10” spanner with, of course, nuts and bolts.


After the bonnet/hood of the car was put on they started on the steering column but it will be finished next week.

This week, we also planted our own seeds (chives) so we are able to watch them grow as we grow as a team. 

Lewis Seedton tip of the week:

If you ever have an 60s – 70s Mini get a 13” and a 10” spanner and you can fix practically everything but you may need a team to fix it though.


17th January 2020

Reported by Oli W and Livia

Charlie has drawn our logo up - watch out for this logo around the school!

Claudia wrote this amazing acrostic poem all about GreenPower!

This week GreenPower worked on building the car. As everyone started to come in we built the base of the car and the seat. Charlie, Oli and Oli screwed bolts and washers in to the sides and back of the car. Finally, they placed the seat on the car so it was resting.




Livia, Louis, Sophia, Sammy and Claudia worked on putting the base together while Louis and Sammy worked on tightening the bolts put in last week. As we were checking our work from last week, we realised that we had missed putting the washers on so we had to undo our work and put it right! Claudia and Livia helped find pieces of the body work to screw on the car. Then we found the right screws to put on the car to make the car stable.


Mr Seedton's quote of the day

Always check your work twice to make sure it is all correct!




10th January 2020

Reported by Sammy and Oli M


On Friday the 10th of January 2020 07:35 – 08:30 we decided we looked back out the logos we designed over the Christmas holidays. We shared our ideas and what the story behind our logos are. When we shared our ideas, we took a vote and chose our wining logo.  

The winning logo was Charlie's - We were all very happy for him as his logo was amazing!

We have also chosen our front cover for our portfolio which was designed by Louis and shows our name for our team this year.

After choosing our logo, we talked about how to keep safe while building the car. This is really important as we are a team, and each one of us is responsible for everyone's safety.

Before we could start building the car, we needed to know a little more about the tools we are going to be using. We looked at

1) spanners - adjustable, open enders, ring spanners and rachet ring spanners

They are all different sizes and are used for different sized bolts.

2) sockets

3) Allen keys / hexagonal wrenches

4) bolts / nuts / nylox nuts - these are used for driving in bolts.

We also realised how important it is to have a tidy area to work so we don't lose any important components.

So then, it was what we were all waiting for....the start of the build!

4 of us worked on the seat, while the other 5 started to work on the chassis frame.


Lewis Seedton's quote of the day

Today they did very well and had great teamwork.





20th December 2019

Reported by Louis and Kayan

We shared our homework together to explain what our superheroes powers were.

We then started to think about our logo. We each designed our logo and thought carefully about the meaning of our designs.

We shared our ideas and have now got all of them in a book to take home to look at all the ideas, combined our thoughts and create our own final designs to be submitted on our first week back after the new year.

Lewis Seedton's quote of the day...

Have the confidence to share. All ideas are fantastic!  



13th December 2019

Reported by Oli, Oli and Livia

This week, ee shared our ideas for our super heroes homework.

These are what we came up with:

Charlie was eco kid (recycling)

Oli M was weather (climate change)

Livia was compassion (care)

Claudia was sea pollution (plastics)

Kayan was package man (reduce food packaging)

Louis was tree (deforestation)

Sophia animals (endanger animals)

Oli W was lightning boy ( power)

Sammy bolt

We will show your what our Super Heroes look like next week!


We also had a talk about our team name and came up with... 

'Guardians of the Groots'

...which was an inspiration from super heroes movies.


Our next job was to come up with a seed name which was 'Lewis Seedton' (inspired by Lewis Hamilton). The whole reason we have a seed character is so that during our blog, our seed character can give inspirational quotes and facts! 

Our seed is also representing the growth of our team and the fact that w aim to plant a tree this year.


Lewis Seedton quoted, "I am so proud of us and I know that you are a great team.  I know that,  as a team, you will all look out for each other. "



5th December 2019

Our First Meeting

Reported by Claudia and Sammy

In the school’s first 2019-2020 meeting, we introduced ourselves to everyone and told each other why we were here at GreenPower.

Then, we discussed what attributes we need, what we are going to achieve this year and what is GreenPower to us.

We then talked about what is happening to the planet and how we can make the world a better place to the environment with climate change.

To have some fun, we thought about making all nine of us into ‘GreenPower Superheroes ’ so we can all do our little bit to save the world!

Finally, we took some photos of the new team with our car (it’s not built yet!) and headed off to our classes.

We are all really excited to continue GreenPower, and hope to make the world a happier, healthier place.


This week we also thought it would be good to have a character (seed) who would add some excitement to our blog...more on that later!

Diary of ? the seed

Name not to be comfirmed

Coming next week…