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Sports Day Challenge

This week, we would like you to take part in an Alternative Sports Day.

Below is a powerpoint to help you complete our alternative sports day, which will take place from 6th June - 10th June.

There are 6 activities and 1 challenge. 

These activities are accessible for all age groups. 

I would focus on 1 or 2 activities a day during the week and complete them more than once so you are able to get a personal best. This alternative sports day is all about challenging yourself and feeling proud of yourself after completing some sporting activities.

I have added some extra information about the terminology of the last page of the powerpoint to help.

On Friday, when you have completed the activities, please let your teacher know how many points that you have accumulated as well as sending in your challenge work via the office.

I I'll then collect all the results from each class and a winning team will be announced before the end of the term.

If you would like to where a t-shirt, which is the same colour as your team colour, and send in a picture completing one of your exercises, I will then be able to create a photo montage for each class. Please only send in a photo if you are happy for the photo to appear on the website.