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Social Media

Please click below for our Twitter Feeds

@sppsdorking is our public facing feed- mainly for grown ups. It includes updates, news and announcements from the St. Paul's Office, as well as links to news headlines from the website.

@sppspupils is for everyone. It can only be viewed by Twitter users- parents and former parents- approved by the school. It will include news and photos from school events, including some written by our Year 6 reporting team.

If you do have a Twitter account, why not 'follow' us for instant updates.

You can also see the school on Facebook and Google.

As with all internet sites, common sense and parental guidance should be observed when allowing children to use Twitter, or any other social networking site.

Any child choosing to comment on a twitter post using their parents or own account must abide by the St. Paul's Online Safety guidelines whether in or out of school.

How we use the social media sites (applicable from July 2016):
@sppsdorking and are open public facing sites. Stories on these services will not identify children by name unless permission is obtained e.g. for sporting events. Any photos will be long range group shots, or pictures of work/the school, again unless permission is obtained.
@sppspupils is subscription only- parents who use Twitter may be approved by the school to view this feed. Photos here are used in line with our website policy.
The website contains photos of groups and children, minus names, in line with our Online Safety policy. Parents can opt out of featuring photos of their children on the website if they wish.