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Virtual Competition 3

November 2020


Virtual Competition 2

October 2020 

KS1 had a fantastic week practising their speed bounce, ready to compete against all the other Dorking Schools in their virtual competition. The children gained many personal bests during the week and worked so well to bounce to their best!

After a week of fantastic skills shown by KS1, completing their multi skills virtual competition, KS2 were raring to go, ready to compete the 2nd virtual competition of the year. The corridors were full of excitement and nerves early in the week, before the children headed out to the field in their classes on Thursday.

The sun shone and the weather, unlike the day before, was balmy! The children all showed perseverance and determination when running their races, with many children gaining personal bests for the year. The results have been submitted and I will be able to share the results after half term.

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in these competitions. It was great to see so many smiles!

Congratulations to:

Year 3/4  Girls


Martha W -8

Year 3/4 Boys

Ethan H - 2

Huxley GB - 10

Year 5/6 Girls

Tilly C -1

Caitlin G - 3

Grace S – 6

Poppy C - 8

Year 5/6 Boys

Rory Dodds - 8

Virtual Cross Country Competition 1

September 2020 

Reported by Harry and Tommy, Cedar Class

Everybody felt excited and nervous about the race as we knew that, even though we were only racing against our class, we were actually competing against all the Dorking schools.

In year 3/4 the children had to 1000m, that’s a whole kilometre! And, in year 5/6 we had to run 1500m, 1.5km. We are all used to running on the track most days so we knew that we were able to run a good amount but its different when we are in a race.

The boys started first and the first hill was exhausting but we soon got into our stride and settled into our running. It really helped having the girls cheering us on. We had to run 6 laps around the field (year 3/4 had to run 4 laps). Each lap was 250m and even though there were hills everyone showed perseverance and never gave up. I, for one, used hope to believe that God was there by our side helping us to finish.

Next, it was the girl’s turn. Although we were tired, we were still able to cheer them on. This was a really good example of one of our school values: compassion as we gave positive comments to those who were racing and reminding them that they could do it. We also showed respect by cheering everyone on, not just our friends and congratulating everyone when they finished.

All our results were sent off and last week we found out who were in the top ten for each age group.

Well done to everyone from year 3,4,5,6 who ran. The results for the Dorking Schools top 10 are:

Boys Year 3/4 

Ethan came 7th Overall

Huxley came 8th Overall

Freddie came 9th Overall

Year 3/4 Girls

Martha came 2nd overall

Ivy came 3rd overall

Year 5/6 Boys

Joel came 3rd overall

Rory came 4th overall

Year 5/6 girls

Tilly came 1st overall

Grace came 3rd overall

Caitlin came 10th overall

Whilst KS2 were busy competing in the cross country competition, KS1 were also busy competing in their own virtual multi-skills festival.

All the children in year 1 and 2 worked really hard completing as many shuttle runs as they could in 5 minutes. The children had great fun. Well done everyone!