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Alternative Sports Day

Summer 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Alternative Sports Day 2020

The children at school took part and many children who are home learning also took part and submitted their results and photos.

There were a whole range of activities and it was great to see so many of you try your very best, and more importantly have fun!

We also got many 'challenges' submitted to let us know which sports person inspires you, which were great to read through.

I have collected all the result in and it is time to reveal the overall winners (KS1 and KS2 combined).

The Sports Day trophies will be engraved with this year's winners.

5th place - Emeralds - 286

4th place - Sapphires - 297

3rd place - Diamonds - 316

2nd place - Rubies - 329


Well do to everyone.

Please see the photo montage attached in the class pages, whole school resources - Alternative Sports Day.

Spring and Summer during School Closure

We have continued to complete many sporting activities during our school closure, including personal challenges and weekly activities both at home and at school with key year groups. It has been great to see so many of you enjoy your active time during the school day.



Year 3/4 

Friday 13th March

On Friday, 8 children from year 3 and 4 went to The Weald to compete in a Dorking Schools Dodgeball competition.

The competition was fast and furious with children challenged to dodge, swerve and catch the balls being thrown. During the competition, the teams were scored on their games won and lost but also by the values that they showed. 

Our team stood out for their teamwork and their honesty. This was a huge achievement.

All the children were amazing and showed further determination and self-belief as the tournament progressed.

What an achievement.

Well done St Paul's!


Sports Relief Lunchtime Festival

Friday 13th March

At lunchtime today, the year 5 and 6 Sports Crew organised a sports festival for Sports Relief. The Sports Crew took time during their play time to create fun and engaging games for all children from Year R to year 6 to take part in. They had to think carefully about how they could challenge the older children whilst still making the activities fun and achievable for tje younger children.

They did an amazing job and all the children of St Paul's thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon!


Year 5 Netball

Wednesday 11th March

Reported by Gabriella, Rose, Tilly and Anna

On Wednesday Tilly, Rose, Gabriella, Anna, Nicole, Grace and Caitlin went to the Priory for a netball match. We played against brilliant schools from Surrey. We had a great time and did our best, we scored a few times, but sadly we did not come in the top three. For some of us it was our first time. We couldn`t have done it without Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Page so thank you. It was so much fun, most of us scored so we all will want to do it again in year 6. Congratulations to all the other schools, who played very well, especially to the Weald who won. It was a great experience. Hopefully year 5 netball will do even better next year. Thank you to all the friends and family who came to support us.

Year 6 Netball

Monday 9th March

Reported by Immi and Jemima

On Monday, Year 6 went to The Priory to compete in the Dorking Schools Netball Tournament.  We competed in 9 matches during the afternoon and managed to win around half of them. As a team we rotated our positions and even had to time keep and score for the match. 

The team tried really had and showed perseverance even when the matches didn't go our way. We cheered each other on as well as showing respect to other teams.

Immi quoted, 'Although it was pouring with rain, it didn't dampen our spirits!'

Overall, we came 4th in the tournament.


Year 5/6 Surrey Schools Cross Country

March 7th 2020

Reported by Jemima and Hettie

On Saturday 7th of March 2020, a blustery and muddy day, a few kids from year five and six gathered together and got ready to race around Priory Park, Reigate.

First to race in our team was year five boys.  They had to go up a steep hill, through some woods and round a lake before sprinting to the finish. The race was 2.2km and because it had been raining it was muddy and tough.  Unusually, the race started with a pistol being blasted in the air. The year five boy, Louis, did exceptionally well!

At 11:30, year six boys were up. Unfortunately, one of our teammate’s injured his ankle half way through the course. His sympathetic friends went to help him and support him and ensured he was okay. Thomas, Finn, Charlie, Oli, Danny and Kian completed the race and did really well. They somehow managed to avoid getting their shoes stuck in the mud!

Later that day, the girls ran. Panting and puffing, Immi, Hettie, Jemima and Rachel crossed the line. At Last! We placed high and every one was congratulating each other.

All in all, our team were fantastic and they should all be extremely proud of themselves!


Year 5/6 Hockey

3rd March 2020

Reported by Jemima and Caitlin

On Wednesday 3rd March, 2020, two teams of year fives and sixes took part in a hockey competition at St John’s school.

The A and B team completed four matches (which were ten minutes each). The first match they won - as well as a couple of others - before finding out if they made it into the next round. After a spirit-lifting pep talk from Miss George, the excited team battled amazingly through the rain and ended up winning their match, so they went through to the next round. Unfortunately, the B team didn’t make the cuts. But luckily the A team got through (again)!



After playing Surrey Hills, everyone swarmed into the shelter whilst waiting to find out where we came. A couple of minutes later, the results were in, everyone rushed outside and held their breath.

“In 3rd place is … St Martin’s!” exclaimed the enthusiastic presenter. The children yelled with joy and humbly received their bronze medals.

“And in 2nd is … St Paul’s A team!!!!”        

We all roared with happiness and proudly went to collect our silver medals, then had a team photo.

Eventually, Surrey Hills won, we congratulated them with kindness and strolled home with our heads held high.

Year 5/6 Badminton Festival

2nd March 2020

Reported by Connie and Izzy

On the 3rd of March 2020, St Paul's school took part in the badminton county finals .Sports Crew lead a series of fun activities that are related to badminton including : caterpillar, lunging, hitting the ball, around the world and shooting stars and lots more.



Sports Crew are Connie, Claudia, Izzy, Rachel, Cece, Logan, Peter, Ella, Mason and Danny. They did a brilliant job but also the badminton players worked just as hard, they were: Maisy, Lottie, Phoebe, Ben, Jacob and another Ben. Sports crew had to lead lots of different schools and give points to who showed the most values which are: Teamwork, honesty, determination, passion , self-belief and respect.


Both sports crew and badminton players showed all of these values by supporting one another and encouraging team mates. Although we did not win we still did very well and had lots of fun which it was all about. We would not have been able to do this without our incredible sports teacher, Miss George! 


Year 5 Ultimate Frisbee

25th February 2020

On Tuesday 25th February, six children from year 5 were fortunate enough to attend an Ultimate Frisbee Event at The Greville School in Ashstead - with 5 other local schools. 

The morning started with everyone feeling rather cold, on what was a rather nippy and blustery morning, on the outdoor weather pitch. However, it was not long until everyone warmed up in the day's activities.

Each activity concentrated on working in different ways - individually, in pairs, in groups and then against other schools. The whole event was based around showing sporting values - respect, honesty, determination, self belief and teamwork rather than about winning. The children were then assessed on how well they applied their values to the different activities they were taking part in.

'It was good and really fun and I really enjoyed it!' Tom Gibbs - Year 5

 Year 5 Football

23rd January 2020

Reported by Nancy and Sophie

On Thursday 23rd January 2020, nine girls went to St. John's Primary School to play in a football competition of seven schools.

On the day of the matches, we all left school at 12:25 and set off in the cars. When we arrived, we saw the other teams warming up so we got ready and warmed up to. After that, we got in a huddle and discussed the format of our first match.

We then got into our positions. We had Sophie and Caitlin in defence, who also moved up the pitch during other matches, Gabriella and Phoebe played on the wings. Whilst Nancy played centre midfield and Amelie up front. Elisa and Scarlet were subs for the first game.

Two players (Caitlin and Nancy) scored. Caitlin scored two goals and Nancy scored three. What a great achievement! The girls came 3rd overall and made everyone in the team proud.


Boys Year 4 Football

22nd January 2020

Reported by Shan, Year 4

At 12 o’clock, we had lunch quickly so we could go to the blue chairs and wait for the parents to take us to St John’s school.

After a few minutes the parents came and take us to St John’s school to have are football tournament. After a while we got to St John’s school and we put on are football boots and got training.

We trained for a few minutes and we got called in for how the tournament was going to work. After he finished taking we had are first game. Our first game was North Downs and it was a good game and the whole team played very well. The scores were 4-1. Quickly we got on to the next game. We played St Martin's - it was a good game and the score was 2-1. After that game we did not play the next game because we had a rest. However, it was not a long rest. We played next against St John’s and this was a hard match but we won the game 6-0. After we played one more match and it was a must win match because we could win the tournament, and luckily we did win the game. We were so happy that we won the tournament. After we stopped we got off the pitch and went to get our medals; it was the end of the tournament. YES!!!

Badminton @ Spectrum

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Reported by Ella, Phoebe and Rachel, year 6

On Tuesday 21st January 2020, a group of year 5 and 6 children went to the Guildford Spectrum to learn skills for badminton.

There were 10 activities such as switch, where they had to lunge to move, the shuttle cock from cone to cone this helps with badminton because sometimes you have to lunge to hit the shuttle cock.

Another activity was catch the bird where two people hit the shuttle cock and two people on the other side caught it in a net.

A very unexpected event was the fire drill, we all had to evacuate the building but we managed to come back inside and get back to badminton.

Nine of our year 6 Sports Crew came along to help with the activities, they all chose a station to help at and they all gave advice for all activities and carried out a clear demonstration.


In the end only 2 schools turned up so top decide the team they picked a name out of a hat to compete in the county finals... we were very lucky and left with a spot in the county finals and huge smiles on our faces!


Sportshall Athletics 

Monday 20th January 2020

Reported by Alice, year 6

On Monday the 20th of January around 20 year 5 and 6 children attended an athletics tournament at Ashcombe School. Outstandingly, our team of boys came 4th and our girls came 2nd earning the School 3rd place over all.

Our awesome team of kids had to master several different sports including:

Relays, javelin throwing, triple jumping, heptathlons, long jump and high jump which we came 1,2,3 and 4th which were outstanding results.

There were so many Schools at the competition including St.Martins, Surrey Hills (who came first), North Downs, St.Joseph's, Weald, St.John's and Powell.

Outstandingly, in the boys and girls relays, St. Paul's came first in both.        

We also found victory at the javelin with winning throws 4 times.

To conclude, every athlete that competed were winners and did amazingly.


Rad running

November 2019

By Kian (y6)


Around 20 lucky children from the local schools in Dorking, got to go and meet a professional runner. At around 12:45, we set off for St Martin's.

When we got there, we waited around for the other schools to arrive.

Once everyone got there, we made our way towards the room where we put our bags away and we met Christopher Thompson, a professional runner.

After that, we made our way outside, where we did a little run around and got some expert advice. After about 45 minutes, we all went back into the room where Christopher told us all about his career. From his youth to now. He even gave us signed cards of himself. It had been a great and really fun day.



November 2019

Reported by Ella

Danny ,Izzy ,Rachel and Ella from year 6 are all members of the sports crew and wrote a long application to Active Surrey.  Their applications enabled them all a place in Active Surrey's Gifted and Talented leadership academy on Friday 22nd  November. They all went to Leatherhead sport hall to do some training.

It was very fun and they got to play lots of games, which helped them with their leadership skills and at the end they had made lots of new friends from other schools and were able to lead a game using all of the skills they had gained.

They had lots of fun and will use all of the skills they learnt in many ways.


Children in Need Sports Crew Lunchtime Festival

15th November 2019

The Sports Crew worked very hard to organise and lead an amazing lunchtime sports festival in aid of Children in Need. They used all their knowledge from their training and thought about all the different age groups, who they were leading so all children would have great fun.

Well done Sports Crew!




Year 3,4 and 6 Gymnastics competition

11th November 2019

Reported by Jemima, Immi and Maisy

On Monday 11th November 2019, twenty Year 6 children travelled to the Ashcombe School for an exciting gymnastics competition!

After Mrs Stowell gave us a positive welcome, four Ashcombe students helped us warm up for the events ahead. We were up against different schools, such as: Surrey Hills, Weald and Powell. After the upbeat warm up, we started to head to our stations and practised before we begun. Our first event was vault, which all of us were quite daring with, also we had to present at the beginning and end. Once we had jumped onto the vault we did a neat pencil jump and landed with two feet to help with balance. Claudia - one of the students who took part - commented, ‘I was very scared at first, but while I was performing I felt more confident because everyone was so supportive.’



Next up was body management, it contained skipping and core strength. All the students enjoyed this very much and they definitely tried their best! Body management was quite easy because if you forgot the sequence, no points would be taken off, as the teacher could help.


Our final activity of the day was the floor routine, some of the moves included hand strength because we were performing cartwheels and handstands etc. Freddy quoted, ‘It was very detailed but fun in its own ways!’


To conclude the day, we found out the results; Livia in year 6 came 2nd in the floor routine, and Charlotte came 1st in vault. Well done to each of them! Year 3/4 came 2nd overall and Elm Year 6 came 3rd! It was a lovely day so everyone enjoyed it!   



Year 6 Girl's Football

Reported by Ella, Alice and Rachel

On Monday, a group of year five and six girls went to St Martin’s school to play football against all the schools in the area. We did very well and in the end, we won two, drew two and lost two, earning us fifth place.

Our first match against st Joseph’s we won with a goal from Alice, year six Juniper, in the first half. Unfortunately, our second game against st John ’s wasn’t so lucky as they scored in the last few minutes of the game. In the next few games we won another one lost another one and drew two. Everyone did very well and only Catlin emerged with a war wound after she was hit in the face by a ball but was very brave.   


KS2 Cross Country Competition

21 October 2019

Reported by Peter, Year 6

On Monday 21st October, St Paul’s went to a cross country tournament at the big field in Brockham. St Paul’s, among 7 other schools, competed in the race.

Year 3/4 Girls

Year 3/4 Girls had to do a warm up which was a slow jog to a tree nearby, to prepare themselves for the big race. Everyone had to do the same warm up to prepare themselves as well. The girls were unlucky as Poppy came 4th narrowly missing out on 3rd. Everyone did very well and enjoyed themselves because it is about the taking part that counts, and they did it very well.

Year 3/4 Boys

Year 3/4 Boys had to do exactly the same warm-up as the Girls did, which was a slow jog to the tree nearby. As the race reached its’ end, Rufus was in 3rd, and Rory was in 4th. Everyone was proud of Rufus and Rory, like everyone was of Poppy for doing so well. Both the Boys and Girls placed so highly that everyone gave them a nice welcome back to the squad.

Year 5/6 Girls

A popular race in the industry of the squad of St Paul’s squad, because we have quick runners in year 5/6. The Girls had to do the same warm up as everyone else, but it was a bit further jog to a further tree. As the race reached its’ end, Immi had a comfortable lead in 1st place. Everyone had a great race and everyone did very well!

Year 5/6 Boys

I competed in the last race of the tournament, the year 5/6 Boys race. This was the race that everyone was excited for. The Boys had to stretch before doing the slow jog to the same tree as the year 5/6 Girls. As the final race of the day reached its end, I was 2nd to last (sad face) but I was still enjoying it. It was very nice of the rest of the team to cheer me on to finish, as I was struggling a little bit. I felt good enough to finish however. I came 51st out of 52. It doesn’t matter that I came 2nd to last, because I enjoyed it and I took part.

Miss George quoted ‘’ It was so great to see so many children, more than last time!”

All in all, we had a great time!!!

Year 5 Football

15th October 2019

Reported by Wilfy

Football Fun at St Martin’s

On Tuesday the 15th of October, every primary school in Dorking sent a 7-a-side Year 5 team to a football tournament at St Martin’s School. St Paul's team, just like all the others, played against every team there.

Each game was 10 minutes long - 5 minutes for each half. Everyone played well and we all had an amazing time playing football all afternoon, representing St Paul's. Although we didn’t come first, we still played with confidence and enjoyed ourselves. It was fun and, after all, it doesn’t matter who wins because it’s about taking part. All our thanks go to Miss George who organised the team and made sure we all had a good time.


Year 6 Football

8th October 2019

Reported by Oliver M, Finley and Thomas 

On Tuesday October the 8th 2019, year 6 boy’s football was held at St Martins.

We had some really tough opponents such as North Downs and the Weald school. Here are all the scores: St Paul’s vs St Martins 2-0 to us, St Johns vs St Paul's and the scores were 7-0 to us. St Paul’s vs North Downs they won 4-3 but it was very close.

It was 2:15 and every one was playing really well. Just then we started to play against Powell the scores were 5-1 to us. We were very happy with the scores so far. Just then Finn scored an amazing goal in the last minute and we were all extremely proud of our performance.



After a few minutes, we started our next game against the Weald and the scores were 2-1 to us and we were pleased with our team work they couldn’t handle our defence [Thomas, Oliver and Josh]. After a bit we played against St Joseph's and the scores were 3-2 to us and the performance from the attackers like Finn, Fred and Kian were brilliant because the goals they scored helped us a lot in our games where we struggled and we need the goals. Then, we played against surrey hills and it was very tight but we managed to win 3-2 but we all think that they could have got more goals but with a helping hand from our amazing keeper Jack we managed to get the win.

We all had an amazing time and we managed to come second out of 7 teams which we were very proud of our selves.  We were very shocked when we found out that we came second by 2 points. We will now list the players for the amazing team. Jack the amazing goalie, Josh, Ollie m, Thomas these are the great defenders that helped the team to stay alive. These are the marvellous midfielders, Sam, Finn Alex and Oli c. The splendid strikes Fred and Kian who scored lots of goals for us. 

This wouldn’t have happened without Mr Monk or Miss George.     


KS2 Cross Country

The Weald

8th October 2019

Reported by Danny, Year 6


Warm up

First, while we waited for everyone to arrive, we did a warm up, where

we ran to the other side of the field and back, also we did a few stretches.

Year ¾ girls race

In this race, one of the St. Paul's girls, called Poppy, came 1st! We did very well in this race. After the girls finished the race, they all had a well-earned rest. Well done!

Year ¾ boys race

Once again, we did very well in this race, coming 3rd overall! Everyone did brilliantly and were exhausted at the end. Everyone tried their hardest.

Year 5/6 girl’s race

In this race we did very well coming 3rd again overall but most importantly they all tried their best and did very well to come the place they are in now. 

Year 5/6 boy’s race

In this race there were only 6 of us in this race so please may more people run because it is great fun!  We did very well in this race but we were very tired. 

Overall we did very well so well done everybody who participated.



23rd September 2019

Written by Cecily and Rachel & Edited by Jemima


On Monday, the 23rd of September 2019, Cecily, Rachel, Ella, Peter, Danny, Gabriella, Aran, Rebecca and Maddison and Callum went to a very fun sporting activity at the Priory school, Dorking.

During this event we did a vast variety of amazing sporting games, which helped build on teamwork and leading.

First of all, we did a great activity about what qualities make a good sports crew leader, which included making a pyramid of helpful values.

Next, we did a lot of mini, fun, team building games to develop confidence with our new team mates, which included holding a balloon between each other’s back, clutching pipes to let a ball run down them without letting it fall and putting a rubber ball on a mat with many holes in, trying not to let the ball fall through them.

Then, we gathered in the main area and talked about games and adding things to them using a step principle.


After that, we got a 5 minute break which included a toilet stop and eating our fruit that we brought with us.

Then, we all sat down in the centre of the pitch where we then discussed what the step principle really was. We found out that it was a way of adapting the game using small changes.

Soon, we found out what our next activity would be. After that we got assigned a game called beat the ball where you had to make a circle then pass the ball to each other until you complete it, although there is a twist, the first person to pass the ball has to run around the outside of the people and beat the ball to the end of the circle. We used the step principal to adapt this game by creating little differences like; the runner has to hop or run backwards and some like that. However, what we didn’t realise was that at the beginning we were given stickers that had A, B, C written separately on them so the ones we were given determined if we would be staying behind to teach a game to the other school kids or go forward and be taught by others. After each game we did a reflection period about what we could have done better and the things we were good at.

After the games we sat back down and listened to our instructor, who was called Ally, and he told us that every year they did a thing called a mini mile. Whilst he was explaining, he got someone to do a quick demonstration, who just happened to be none other than the wonderful Miss George, who showed us how to run a mini mile and did a very good job at it. Then we got in to partners and numbered ourselves 1 and 2. Next partner number 2 ran around the pitch while partner number one kept track of the number of laps they did. Everyone switched round until we all got to have a go.

After that, us kids were very exhausted and went to get a drink. After everyone got a lovely refreshing sip of water, we finished our session sports crew session with a big smile on everyone’s faces.

We had a chat with the people that came. Rachel grant exclaimed “It was really fun, but I thought that it would be hard because most of the people that went to the sports crew session were in different year groups however, I was wrong.”

Miss George, another person that went quoted, “It was fantastic to see all of our new St Paul’s sports crew lead with such confidence!”

In conclusion everyone had a wonderful day.