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At St. Paul’s we want our children to love Maths and engage with the subject in a way that is relevant and purposeful to them and their lives. We want them to be inspired and motivated to develop essential skills in fluency, reasoning and problem solving that will enable them to flourish in later Iife. Our core Maths skills in calculation, number facts and times tables are the basis from which our fluency in number is derived and as such form the key building blocks of our Maths curriculum. These will be an integral part of our daily teaching. We will use our school values of wisdom, trust and perseverance to ensure that skills and knowledge are revisited in a timely and relevant manner using assessment to inform what we teach. Our teaching is informed by existing schemes of work whilst being enabled by our own trusted pedagogy. Our teaching will build the knowledge and model the skills needed to become confident Mathematicians by ensuring careful progression using an appropriate combination of concrete, visual and abstract methods and resources.

At the bottom of the page, you can find our progression in calculation documents, which explain how we teach calculation in St. Paul's. Each one contains 'How To Videos'/

Links and resources:

Multiplication and Division
Online Games

Games to play at home.

Online Games

Games to play at home

Addition and Subtraction Activities
Online Games

Games to play at home:
The resources that you will need for these games are: paper, a pencil/pen, a cup, small items to count (such as counters, marbles, Lego bricks or dried pasta).

Time and Resources Activities

You can play with setting time on the clock and explore how the clock works in relation to time including seconds, minutes and hours.

Practical Activities:
When cooking dinner (whether it be you or your grown ups), can you write down the timings? This includes how long it takes to prepare the food as well as how long it takes to bake a cake.

Can you time yourself doing your daily exercise? How long did it take? What time did you start? What time did you finish?

Can you challenge someone at home to the time game that Stephen Mulhern loves to play on his Saturday evening TV programme 'In for a Penny'? You decide on a set amount of seconds as the target (e.g. 10 seconds), the judge has a stopwatch and tells you when to begin. You need to tell the judge to stop the stopwatch when you think it has been that exact number of seconds. Keep taking it in turns and changing the target.

Times Tables Songs
Many of you will be using Times Tables Rockstars to practise your times tables but you can also use songs. Here are some great ones that you might want to learn:

BBC Bitesize
The BBC Bitesize website is fantastic for reviewing topics and going over key skills. Here are some areas you might like to recap:

Addition and Subtraction:
Multiplication and Division:

Topmarks Website - Games and Activities
Topmarks is a great website for online learning games. We have selected some useful ones to support with various areas of learning.

Ordering numbers:  and

Multiplication, Division, Halving and Doubling:
Four Operations:

Carol Vorderman - The Maths Factor
This website is free to sign up to. We would recommend your grown ups creating a login; you can then explore all of the online activities that they have available.