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Good causes

Kids 4 Kids - Summer 2022

At the Summer Fair, a group of enthusiastic volunteers helped run our Kids4Kids stall to raise money for this international charity who works tirelessly to support children in Western Sudan by providing goats, and other animals, to impoverished families.

Goats’ milk stops children from being malnourished and a mum can sell spare milk to buy other food.  One goat can make a huge difference to a family. We raised enough money during the fair to buy 1 goat and 3 laying hens and a rooster!  EGGCELLENT WORK!

St Paul’s children, Marlia and Charlotte each won a family of cuddly goats for picking the winning names of the goats.

A huge thank you should go out to all the kind, caring children who gave up a precious hour of their Summer Fair to work on the stall to help the children of Darfur.  Click here to go to the Kids4Kids website.


Red Nose Day – 2022

In March this year we thought hard about what Red Nose Day is all about and more importantly what we were doing it for.  We considered where our money would go.  In our classes we discussed which charity we wanted our money to go to, and we discussed the choices.  Would it be to feed families in the UK?  Would it buy a bike for a Doctor in Ghana? Would it buy shoes for children living in refugee camps?  We talked about how Red Nose Day is closely linked to our School values and particularly around the values of compassion, hope, perseverance and trust.

We did decide that we wanted some of our money to go to the children in Ukraine as the war had started recently, and we could see how awful it was for the families in Ukraine.

We raised £350!