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In line with the National Curriculum at St Paul’s our curriculum for art is designed to ‘engage, inspire and challenge’ our pupils. They are taught the knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them to invent, experiment and create their own works of art, craft and design.

We endeavour to link our art to our termly themes so that our children can make more meaningful connections across the whole curriculum.

Children are exposed to a range of art, artists and designers, including different genres, styles and cultures. Progression of skills and techniques is built into the curriculum and allows children to develop at their own pace as they gain a visual language with which to express their ideas and respond to starting points.

Children are given opportunities to engage and critique their own art, the work of artists and of others and are encouraged to use the key art vocabulary to express their opinions.

We help them to use their growing confidence to express their thoughts. They learn about the role of art and creativity in the local environment and understand that art play an important role in the history of our nation.