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The Zoo Comes to St Paul's!

Thursday 3rd November 2022 - Spirit of the Wild visit Year 6.

To support our learning in Science, YR6 had a thrilling afternoon in our school hall on Thursday when they were visited by a host of crazy and exotic animals from Spirit of the Wild!  

The animals originated from all over the world!  We imagined we were inside the Amazon Rainforest with all the colourful birds, animals, insects and reptiles! We also ‘travelled’ to America where we met Morpheus, a golden eagle who had a truly amazing wingspan.  We then heard about how Ben and Hannah, from Spirit of the Wild, are helping to reintroduce the eagles back to the Lake District!  We also met some animals from the UK, such as the beautiful barn owl who flew silently and at super speed across the hall and towards the end of our adventure we saw and held some super-duper cute baby meerkats and their daddy!

And for the grand finale, we held (it took 8 of us to carry it) a Burmese python, and it was absolutely huge! It was only a baby, and it was at least 3 metres long and about 30 cm across (if not thicker!).

The visit was a really thrilling adventure, and we learnt so much!  We hope to see them again soon!

By Pablo CM (edited by Toby V)