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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School



Girls Cricket Match

17th June 2019

Reported by Amy and Lily Rose

On Monday 17th June year five and six cricket team headed out to Newdigate to take part in a Kwik cricket tournament.

Our team consisted of 4 year 5’s and 5 year 6’s. The first match we played was against Surrey Hills B team and luckily for us our spirits were high and we won.

As a reporter I think the highlight of the match was seeing the whole team trying their best and the result of the match showed that they were ready for a victorious second match. And sure enough that’s what we got beating St John’s by almost 100 runs, and 5 wickets.

We were on a roll beating Surrey Hills A team too. Next we played St Joseph’s the toughest team yet. It was upsetting finding out we had lost to them but we all knew we had done our best.

Finally we played North Downs [ who in the match before ours had beaten St Joseph’s] and after an intense game found that we had beaten them by around 30 runs placing us second overall with only 6 runs between us and the winning team [St Joseph’s]. Yahooo!



13th June 

Year 4 Tri Golf

Reported by Tom and Wilfy

On Thursday Year 4 went to a golf tournament at Betchworth golf club. There were 7 other schools there and we went through a variety of golf activities. We had lots of fun tried our best. In the end, we came 6th out of 8. However, it’s not about winning it’s about participating!


11th June 2019

Year 6 Boys Cricket Competition

Reported by Josh, Year 6

On Tuesday 11th June 2019, the boys cricket team went to Newdigate Cricket Ground to compete for St Paul's.

Our first game was against St Joseph's, which was very close, ending at 212 - 206, meaning that we won our first game. Next, we played Surrey Hills, then Powell, where we won both of those games too. Finally, we suffered a defeat from The Weald. On our last match, we battled St John's where we did fantastically, winning 312 - 214.

Since St Joseph's had lost and won the same amount of matches, it went down to runs. WE won by a slim margin - 69 runs.

We HAD won! This means that we are coung to the County Finals at Epsom next week!

10th June 2019

Dorking Schools Swimming

Reported by Louis and Violet, Year 6

On Monday, a group of KS2 children went to The Priory pool, to take part in the annual Dorking Schools Swimming Gala.

Each child competed in at least 1 race, ranging from frontcrawl, backstroke, breaststroke, fly and relays. 

All the children showed the school values really well as they were very passionate and cheered everybody on.

The gala was incredibly close and it was not clear which school was going to win. On the whole, St Paul's were placing between 1st and 3rd for most races but it wasn't until the very end that we found out the results.

We were amazed to find out the overall, St Paul's won, but only by 5 points.

Violet quoted, 'I enjoyed representing the school in something that i spend hours a week training for. It was also fantastic to be a year 6 on pool side as I could help the younger years to get ready for their races and get to the blocks on time.'


Wednesday 8th May 2019

Penathlon Year 1

Surrey Sports Park

Today, we went to Surrey Sports Park to take part in lots of different activities. We really enjoyed ourselves and learnt lots of new activities. It made us feel out of breath sometimes and we felt good doing exercise.


Tuesday 7th May 2019

American Football - The Priory

Reported by Joel + Tilly - Year 4

During our time at the American Football day at The Priory, we did different activities, building up to a game.

First, we put our tags and bibs on before our first activity, which was attacking and defending. We got separated into groups (black and white) and did one on one dodging against our opponent.


Our next activity was tackling using tags and then we were catching the ball and running for a touch down.

OUr final activity was a full match of American Football. We were lucky because we were the last so we used our skills to play the match. Black won.

At the end, we had two people from each school who had to catch the ball from the longest distance.

It was a great day an dwe learnt a lot.