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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Week Two 30/03.20

Hi Hawthorn and Willow classes!

Mrs Speight, Mrs Smith and I hope you've been getting on well with your home learning so far. 

Chuckles the Monkey, Captain Blue and Harold have been enjoying the sunshine on our windowsills. We hope you have been able to get out to exercise in the sunshine. 

My boys have enjoyed painting rainbows to put in our windows. The idea is to spread positivity at this challenging time. Why don't you join in too? Here's some more information about it. 

We have added some maths work for this week which is focusing on time - we haven't covered 24 hour clock yet but we thought you might be up for the challenge and it is something we would have been covering the next time we covered time. Please make sure you can tell time to the 1 minute interval first. Also work on duration of time see the worksheets below.

We have also  added some handwriting practise and a list of the year 3 spellings that you are meant to know by the end of this year. We are hoping that will be plenty for you to be getting on with but also remember to have fun and get out in the garden if you can.  Do email into school to show us what you have been up to.

Big hugs, 

Mrs Campbell, Mrs Speight, Mrs Smith and the Year 3 Team