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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


On this page, you will find the suggested work for this week.

Once again, we have attempted to scale down the amount of attachments on these pages. Therefore, you will find a powerpoint for Maths and one for English, which will contain all of the learning for this week including the worksheets needed. There is also a specific Powerpoint to further support those children who would be in Mrs Dalziel's Maths group. 

There are also two zipped folders, which will need to be downloaded and opened in order to access the PDFs inside. These folders contain the Reading chapters and the associated question worksheets. This is the same text that is set on Purple Mash, but we have included the chapters as PDFs again for those who are unable to access Purple Mash. You will also see that there is a SPaG folder for this week. It is up to you, whether you choose do the SPaG sheets. They can be completed alongside the reading of each chapter on a particular day or they can be done separately - perhaps at the end of the week.

As usual, there is also some RE work (saved as a PDF) as well as the PDF of suggested ideas for completing this week's Topic Project work, which is all about Homes Around The World. 

We hope you have a good week and enjoy the tasks we have set for your Home Learning for this week. Keep safe and well, try your best and have fun with your learning!