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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


Hi everyone, 

On this page, you will find the Overview for Week 7's Home Learning and the learning resources for English, Maths, RE and Reading, along with the Whole School Topic Project ideas for this week, which is Animals in Art. 

If you are usually in Mrs Dalziel's Maths group, you will see there is a specific Powerpoint for you, to help you with your Maths learning for this week.  

We have loved seeing some of your work emailed to us or uploaded on Purple Mash. Please keep it up and keep on showing us what you've been up to! It really cheers us up to see your hard work! 

We have tried to minimise the amount of attachments on here this week and have tried to keep it to the essentials. However, there are still quite a few Reading documents. You won't need to download and print off ALL of these, if you are able to access Purple Mash to complete your set Reading tasks. However, as some of you may not be able to do so, we have saved the Chapters as PDFs for you to download from here as well as a sheet of questions for each chapter. These questions are NOT the same as the ones on Purple Mash, as these are not multiple choice. If you wish to do JUST the Purple Mash questions, that is fine! If you can only access the documents on here and not only Purple Mash and you only do the PDF questions we have attached below, that is fine too! If you want to do both sets, that's brilliant! Please just do what you can, when you can.

All Reading resources for this week have been save together in a Zipped folder for ease, so to open these you will need to download and unzip the folder. 

Have fun with your Home Learning this week and keep us up to date with what you've been up to if you can :) 

Year 4 Team