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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School




The videos here were taken with the school's trail camera unless otherwise stated. 


A bold fox

(see wildlife reports)





 Tadpoles in school pond 14 April 2016.

Not a very good video (taken with my phone) but tadpoles have emerged!





The chicks fledged on 22nd May.

Thanks to Mrs Urquhart and the school tablet, we got this short video of some of the chicks shortly after they left the nest. 


Robins nest.  A brief look at a parent robin near its nest.

The robins have nested in the roof of the play house in the early years play area. 


What a poser!

Another brief view of the parent robin.

Rats are not very welcome but they are wildlife.

There has always been rats around the field and woods but a recent population explosion has meant that there are many more this spring and so they are being noticed more.

The amount of badgers caught by the trail camera rose to 4. Hopefully we will get to see some cubs visiting with their parents .... watch this space!

Foxes also visit the wildlife area but this one thought he would have a go on the trim trail.