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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


Here at St Paul's safeguarding is paramount. It informs all of our decision making and we do all we can to ensure our children are safe, happy and feel well supported.

All staff are vigilant and safeguarding conversations will always be prioritised and part of our daily dialogue. We have a child-friendly version of our safeguarding policy that teachers also share with their classes. (This can be found in the link at the bottom of the page). 

We meet regularly as a safeguarding team and staff are mindful to notice and share concerns. The team consists of staff from all avenues of school life so there are a range of people for children and adults to talk to. This means a range of perspectives are seen.

We also have 'Talk Time' daily so children can speak with a mental health first aid trained staff member about anything they would like to share.

Please click here if you wish to read the DfE document that informs our policy decisions. It is called keeping children safe in Education

Keeping children safe in education 2021 (part one only) (

Please have a read of our safeguarding policy, click on the link and scroll down for it.

Our Headteacher, Mrs Alden is the Designated Safeguard Lead. Mr D Hill (Acting Deputy Headteacher while Mrs Bryan is on maternity leave) Mrs J Shaw (Office) and Mrs D Moore (Teaching Assistant) are the DDSLs and they all form the safeguarding team.

We also have a Home School Link Worker, Mrs Suzie Reed, who supports families and children and if you wish to make contact with her, please have a conversation with Jane in the office, Mrs Alden or Mrs Edwards (SENCo)