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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


At St. Paul’s children can gain insight and understanding of teaching practises and beliefs about Christianity and other faiths.  In RE we understand how people of faith live and how this impacts their lives and the world around them.

We are able to reflect on where we belong in the world and have opportunities to ask Big Questions about our role as humans.  We support our children in enquiring about wider theological and philosophical questions to broaden their knowledge on life’s great wonders. 

We would like our children to express insight into faith practices and develop their spirituality through windows, mirrors and doors.  Children are encouraged to reflect on the teaching of Jesus and their own personal belief with regards to life and the views of those of different faiths.  

Children have the opportunity to explore the traditions, beliefs and values of Christianity and other faiths.  This gives them a wider knowledge around interactions with and with respect towards those who practice their faith.