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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team  

Mrs. Ann Alden- Headteacher 


Mrs. Alden has taught for over 25 years in a number of schools in Surrey, with a wide range of leadership responsibilities. She is a Maths Specialist teacher as well as having taught from EYFS right through to Year 6.


She is also responsible for the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum
  • Behaviour
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Performance Management
  • Assessment
  • Work experience and student placements

Mrs. Lynsey Bryan - Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Bryan taught for 17 years in Croydon before joining St Paul's in January 2019.  She has held a range of leadership responsibilities and has taught from Year 2 to Year 6.


Mrs. Bryan works across the school, focussing particularly on the teaching of maths and literacy, and is also responsible for the following areas:


  • Performance Management
  • CPD Co-ordinator
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
  • Designated Teacher for children in care and Disadvantaged children.
  • Pupil Premium
  • Religious Education.
  • Collective and External Worship
  • Music
  • English as an Additional Language


Mr. Dan Hill - Assistant Headteacher

Mr. Hill is the Assistant Headteacher and DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead). He has worked at the school for 14 years and been a member of the leadership team for the past 7. Mr Hill also teaches in Beech Class on a Monday and Tuesday.


Mrs. Julia Castle -

School Business Manager


Mr. N. Monk

Phase Leader - Years 1 - 3



Mrs A. Mcleod

Phase Leader - Years 4 - 6



The members of the Senior Leadership team meet weekly to discuss school priorities. 

Mrs. Castle  is responsible for the following:  

* Finance, personnel and premises.

* Healthy and safety.

* Supply cover

* Computer hardware and management. 




Mr. N. Monk is the phase leader for Years 1-3. In addition to being a class teacher he is responsible for:

* Behaviour and pastoral support in the lower phase. 

* Leading English across the lower phase. 



Mrs Mcleod is the phase leader for Years 4-6. In addition to being a class teacher she is responsible for:

* Behaviour and pastoral support in the upper phase. 

* IT Infrastructure

* Leading Computing and online safety.



Leadership Team 

Miss A. George (currently on maternity leave)


Miss A. George is responsible for:

* Pupil Premium

* Sports Premium

* Physical Education

* Extra curricular sporting opportunities. 


Mrs L. Edwards - SENDco

Mrs L. Edwards is responsible for:

* Special Educational Needs.


Administrative and Support Staff 

Mrs. J. Castle - Bursar

Mrs. J. Shaw- Office Manager

Mrs S. Tillett - Office Assistant

Mrs L. Chambers - Office Assistant

Mrs. C. Terrell- Office Assistant

Mrs. D. Moore- ICT Technician

Mr. R. Smith- Premises Manager

Class Teachers from September 2021

Teacher, class and areas of additional responsibility

Mrs. A. Suggitt

Year R- Oak Class (Thurs & Fri)

Charities & School Links

Mrs. B. Bradshaw

Year R- Oak Class (Mon-Weds)

Mrs. F. Watkins

Year R- Ash Class

EYFS Leader

Miss. A. Palmer

Year 1- Sycamore Class 

Science lead


Mrs. A. Read

Year 1- Maple Class

PSHE lead


Miss. K. Turner

Year 1 - Maple Class


Miss K. Andrews

Year 2- Rowan Class

Science lead

Mrs R. Hall and Mrs J. Hilston

Year 2- Chestnut Class

Mrs Hilston is the RE lead




Mr N. Monk

Year 3- Willow Class

Phase Leader - Y1 - 3

Mrs H. Saunders and Mrs R. Irvine

Year 3 - Hawthorn Class 

Mrs Irvine is also the Art lead


Mrs. K. Smith

Willow Class- Friday

Mrs S. Atkinson

Year 4- Hazel Class

Geography subject lead

School Travel plan and Risk Assessments





Mrs S. Page

Year 4 - Hazel Class

French subject lead



Mr D. Hill and Mrs C. Campbell 

Year 4- Beech Class




Mr. P. Kelly

Year 5- Cedar Class


Miss. K. Howey

Year 5- Lime Class



Mrs. A. McLeod

Year 6- Elm Class

Computing and Online safety


Mr. M. Tinsley

Year 6- Juniper Class


Maths (Acting)




Higher Level Teaching Assistants / Cover Staff 

Our Higher Level Teaching Assistants / Cover Assistants are based for part of the week in a class or yeargroup, but spend much of their time working with groups or individuals with specific learning needs. They cover classes for teachers' weekly planning, preparation and assessment time. 

  • Mrs. L Herbert
  • Mrs. D. White
  • Mrs. D. Moore

Learning Support Staff, including support for Special Educational Needs 

Our team of learning support assistants are based across the school. Whilst some are based in particular year groups, they spend much of their time working with individual children and groups, helping to ensure that all of our children achieve to their fullest potential. 

  • Mrs. T. Burch
  • Mrs. S. Dalziel
  • Mrs. J. Howlett
  • Mrs. K. Salter
  • Mrs. C. Schembri
  • Mrs. R. Wan
  • Mrs. S. Kyle
  • Mrs. Z. Davies
  • Mrs L. Marshall
  • Miss C. Harris
  • Mrs C. Rogers
  • Mrs R. Pearce
  • Mrs S. Buckland
  • Mrs A. Reading
  • Mrs L. Winteridge
  • Miss K. Wharmby
  • Mrs S. De Caprio
  • Mrs R. Lawlor
  • Mrs H. Saunders
  • Mrs N. Roffey
  • Mrs D Eng
  • Miss O. Norrie
  • Mrs A. Fatima
  • Mrs A. King
  • Miss S. Maxey
  • Mrs T. Quddus

Midday Supervisorssa 

  • Mrs H. Francis
  • Miss Salter
  • Miss C. Smith
  • Miss J. Smith
  • Mrs. M. Stewart
  • Miss L. Wadey