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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Getting Started Day - Spring

Getting started – this is day one if you are isolating.  



Please read independently or, if possible, to an adult or an older sibling.  

Reading comprehensions - If you would like to use a text which comes with associated questions, you can find a comprehension below.  There is a fiction piece as well as a non-fiction piece to choose from.  

The answers are on the final sheet.  


  • English activity booklet - This is a booklet containing a selection of activities. It contains a variety of activities including spelling tasks and writing prompts. You should aim to complete one or two activities. The answers are in the second booklet. 



  • Maths Learning Booklet  - The activities in this booklet are pitched at an average level of ability - If stuck, please try to offer assistance or encourage children to move onto the next question or you may find it beneficial to select another task.  The answers are in the second booklet. 
  • Log onto Doodlemaths or TT RockStars and practice key skills for 20 mins or so. If you cannot remember the log on for either, please contact your teacher.  


This term we are looking at electricity. Can  you complete the 2 tasks below?