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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Getting Started Day

Getting started – this is day one if you are isolating. On following days work will be uploaded to the website for you to follow. 

English work - about 35/50 mins

  • Read independently or to an adult or older sibling for 15/20 minutes 
  • Spend around 20/30 minutes writing practising their writing, spelling or grammar - please practise the spellings that have been set as homework.

Maths work - about 45mins

  • Practice your times tables using Times Tables RockStars for 15 minutes (if you do not have a log on please ask your teacher)
  • Spend around 15/ 20 minutes completing a maths task 

Topic work - about 30/ 45 mins

Helping your child with home learning - what to do:  

Reading (15/20 minutes).

  • If your child is completing the reading scheme then please ask an adult or older sibling to hear them read their school reading book. If you do not have a school reading book, you can use a picture book from home or an online book.
  • Talk to them about what they have read, perhaps ask them questions such as; What does this word mean on this page? Can you think of another word that means the same? Which bit made you feel…….?’How does the character feel on this page - why? 
  • Listen out for them reading confidently, without having to sound each word out individually.

Writing (20/30 minutes) 

  • There is an English activity booklet which can be downloaded below – this is all about Autumn. This contains a variety of English activities including comprehension, spelling work and writing prompts. You should aim to complete one activity.
  • Maths (45 minutes)

  • Log ontoDoodlemaths or TT RockStars and let your child practice their key skills for 10/15 mins or so. If you cannot remember or don't have a log on, please contact your teacher
  • You could also practise  counting in 10s, 2’s and 5’s. 
  • Dancing in 2’s.

    Dancing in 5’s

    Dancing in 10’s

    Number bonds to 10

    Number bonds to 20 

  • Maths Mats 
  • We have included Maths Mats which practise different skills. These mats are pitched at an average level of ability, if your child needs help, please offer assistance or encourage them to move onto the next question.  
  • Topic Learning (30 minutes) Science – We have been learning about food and the importance of eating a balanced diet. Complete the healthy plate using food from each of the food groups.