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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


Today's learning will cover:

English, Reading, Maths and Art. See the Daily schedule for more information. 

Lesson PPTs and resources can be found below.

NOTE - As there was an issue with the Maths PPT yesterday (a parent alerted us to the fact that Friday 17th PPT was uploaded instead of Thursday 16th), we have included both PPTs today so that you can use whichever one you may need to support you with the home learning today. Please don't worry if the tasks or worksheets that you have done are slightly out of sync - it is not a problem and we are pleased with all of the efforts that everyone is making with their learning! We apologise for the slight issues with the uploads this week and thank you for all your patience. 

There is a PPT for Art. This week would be our sketching assessment. The PPT will give details of the task and resources needed. There are also 3 PDF worksheets to support children to practice their skills before tackling the activity for today.