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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


Today we are thinking about all the learning we have done on the story 'Finding a friend.' Use this story to plan your own evacuee story using the planning guides. 


We would also like you to practise writing sentences using the pictures on the powerpoint. Write sentences to show what is happening in each picture. Think about:

What are the characters in the pictures thinking and feeling?

What might be seen as they look out the window? 

Your target is to try and write a variety of sentences. Try to write at least:

* one sentence which includes dialogue correctly punctuated.

* one sentence containing really interesting vocabulary.

* one sentence which starts with an adverbial. (How? When? Where?)

* one sentence containing a subordinate conjunction.

* one sentence containing an -ing or -ed clause. (EG: Whistling loudly,)

* one sentence which uses a simile.