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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Aut wk 12 - WB 30.11.20

On this page, you will find the work for this week.

You will find work for Maths, English and another subject for each day.  (Please see the suggested weekly timetable for more guidance.)

This week, in school, we have been working on Maths Assessments. Therefore, while you are working from home, we would like you to practice your Multiplication and Division work using the booklet attached.  The Fluent in 5 for the week is also attached. You can also continue to use Doodle Maths each day and practice your Times tables, using TT Rockstars or anything else that you find useful. 


Wednesday - Grammar lesson on past tense verbs. PPT and worksheet. 

Thursday - Newspaper reports PPT and worksheet for creating an eye-witness to an event 

Friday - Newspaper reports PPT (as yesterday) and worksheet for planning your report.

Other subjects - Usually we would attach PSHE. However, this week in class, we are doing our Relationship and Sex Education and are unable to attach this to the website. Therefore, you might choose to do the mindfulness activities attached.

In Science, we are doing an experiment in class to show how the Water cycle works. At home, can you research the water cycle? Perhaps you could create a poster to show what you have learnt. Can you create your own water cycle in a bag? (The instructions are attached here). You can also work on your Solids, Liquids and gases Project Homework, if this is not yet complete.