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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


On this page you will find:

Two zipped folders containing a selection of activities (word searches, crosswords etc) which use the Year 3 and 4 Statutory spelling words, have been added and may be useful. 

A list of the government's statutory spellings for Years 3 and 4 

A sheet detailing the spellings patterns which are covered in Years 3 and 4 throughout the year. The list has been highlighted to show patterns which have already been covered during spelling inputs by Miss Masters/Mrs Hilston or Mr Hill this year, for their spelling groups.

The columns which have not been highlighted yet may have been touched upon already in class, but this indicates that that pattern or group of spellings has not been taught specifically during a spelling lesson to date. If the children find that just revising what we have already covered is not providing enough work for the weeks, then they may wish to choose a new spelling pattern or select some spellings from another  column. However, they may find this is covered again upon their return to school. is a useful website for spelling - select Year 3 and 4