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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School


Week starting: 20th April 2020

Hi Year 6,

How are things going? We hope you had a lovely Easter and got lots of Easter eggs. Have you managed to get a routine started so that you can get a little school work done and also fit in some active time and some fun projects?

At school, we are continuing to look after the small number of children still attending school and those teachers, who are not at school, are working from home and looking after their families.

We are continuing to set you a balance of paper based and online activities. Hopefully, some of you will have had a chance to have a go at logging onto Purple Mash. The passwords were sent out just before half-term. Well done to those children who have already been on. This week there are some reading tasks for you to have a go at on Purple Mash and you can upload any of your fantastic learning to the Display Board section, which you will find on the Sharing tab. We have also set up a few blogs so you can share with others what you have been doing. Please use the blogs to communicate with us and one another. Ask a parent or carer to help you.


Doodle Maths – please log onto either Doodle Maths and spend at least 15 mins per day practising before you complete your Maths activity for the day (see below). We are receiving lots of feedback on Doodle Maths from parents and children saying they are loving it! Try to do a couple of the 7aDay tasks – they’re a bit like the arithmetic starter you get in a normal Maths lesson.


Purple Mash Tasks – we would like you to complete the tasks that have been set for. These are:

Maths – Last term in maths we explored graphs and how different graphs are used for different reasons. There are two activities which will help you to further understand this. Please complete both activities. If you make mistakes, repeat the activity and try to think about why your first answer was incorrect.

English – There is a comprehension activity for you to complete. Please read the text and then answer the questions.

Science – Revision activities on work we have done last term. There is an activity on electricity and an activity on Living Animals.

Geography – There is a short quiz on Oceans – our school topic for this week.



As well as the Purple Mash tasks you have been set, please try to read for at least 20 minutes per day. This is more important than completing the daily reading tasks on Purple Maths, so if you are short on time please make this a priority.


English – writing:

We are really looking forward to reading your stories from last week and also the letter you write about what you have been doing.

This week, we would like you to complete the booklet titled: The Door. There are a range of activities in this booklet which will help improve your writing. There are 2 versions – a greater depth version if you wish to challenge yourself and a working towards/expected version. Below is a suggested plan for the week:

Monday – Activity 1 and 2

Tuesday – Activity 4, 5 and 6

Wednesday -  Activity 7

Thursday – Activity 8 and 9

Friday – Activity 10



As well as working on doodle maths, don’t forget to practise times-tables using TTRockstars.

For your main learning this week we would like you to do 2 things:

  1. Each day for 20 minutes complete activities from the maths booklet which is in the Week 5 section of the Year 6 Home Learning folder.
  2. Complete the creative maths task. This task is to design a board game based on a mathematical theme. Full instructions and guidance is in the folder on the website. You should spend about 40 minutes each day on this and perhaps also use some time in the afternoon for the art work.


RE: Over the next few weeks we are going to be reminding ourselves of different religions.  This week we are going to be learning about Judaism.  I wonder how much you will be able to remember and if you will be learning anything new.  If you would like to share some of your learning on Purple Mash, that would be great. We have posted the RE learning for you to have a go at. The tasks are explained on the document which has been uploaded to the Year 6 Home Learning pages.


Topic:  we will be setting you optional topic based learning until we go back to school. The topics will be the same for each year group so that children within the same family can work as a team and learn together if they would like to. How much you do together is your choice; it could be you complete the whole project together, with children taking on different roles or that they share smaller tasks together and then decide to present their learning separately in different formats.

This week we would like children find out about the Oceans of the world. There is a more detailed explanation of how to go about this aspect of learning on the Year 6 Home Learning section of the website.


Science: There is a document below which outlines 44 different practical science experiments. They may be fun for you to do during this time.


P.E: Don't forget to keep active! We have attached a weekly challenge for you to complete.

Let us know how you do!