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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Christian o'Connell visits KS2

Key Stage 2 had a brilliant treat today- a visit from real-life author and Radio DJ Christian o'Connell

It's not every day you get a visit from someone who's fought a lightsaber battle with the actual Darth Vadar (and kept both his arms- one up on Luke Skywalker) and been on Coldplay's private jet!

Christian o'Connell rushed across London from his breakfast show this morning to give us an insight into how he became a successful radio DJ before coming up with the idea for a bestselling book.

Not only was he brilliantly funny, keeping 240 children spellbound for half an hour, he also had some very valuable advice for us- not just as writers, but as we grow up in general.

Christian talked a lot about enjoying being young. We all want to grow up so much when we're at school- but being a grown up isn't always as fun as we might think! Living in the moment and really enjoying life is also important.

Make mistakes- learning from them. It means you're trying to do something important and new. So many people won't try something for fear of getting it wrong- the only real mistake is not learning from your mistakes!

Reading is important- yes really! So is taking notes of ideas- for anything, whether it is a new book, a new idea, or of a list of what you want to have done by the time you're forty.

Perseverance is really important- one of the most important things. Keep going. Christian talkd about getting rejection letters for his initial ideas, but he kept going and is now listened to by 2 million people every day!

We were all inspired by what Christian had to say- thank you so much for giving up your time to come and see us!