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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Safer Internet News and Video

Today is Safer Internet Day!

As a school, we have been thinking about the power of pictures, from how we can interpret a picture to form an opinion about people, to exploring the whole world around the sharing of photos.

We have learnt that sharing photos can be a brilliant thing, allowing families to keep in touch, share successes, and document their history.

We also know that staying in control of our own information is very important. This could be about:

  • setting strong privacy settings on social media;
  • knowing that what we post is appropriate, and might be around for a very long time;
  • asking permission before we post pictures of others;
  • only saying things about people or pictures we wouldn't mind them saying about us!

Some of the children have made you a video to talk about what we've learnt. We hope you enjoy it. The quality is a little rough around the edges because we're trying out a new app with the children!