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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Dashing District Sports

Super St. Paul's had amazing success at Pixham athletics tournament on Thursday 4th July 2019.

First up was the boys 150m track which Fred took part in. This was followed by the girls 150m which Charlotte raced in. After that was the Year 5 girls and then the boys 60m sprint which Charlotte, Immi, Kian and Josh also took part in.

Meanwhile, year 6 did their field activities: long jump, vertical jump and howler. Some of the Year 5s also did it as well.

Some Year 5s and 6s took part in the 600m race; Immi, Hettie, Charlie and Kian, did really well as it really takes away your breath. In one of our 600m races we came 1st and that gained us a lot of points.

Eventually it was the Year 6 track events such as 600, 150 and 75m sprint which Georgia, Georgina, Abbie, Violet, Sam, Shaun, Lucas, Joe, Isaac took park in.

Then it was relay … Year 5 girls went first. Alice, Immi, Charlotte and Connie then it was the year 5 boys Fred, Kian, Josh and Charlie. Finally it was Year 6 girls and boys.  Georgia, Georgina, Violet, Abbi, Sam, Shaun, Lucas and Isaac.

We came top in Throwing, Relay, Boy’s track and we were Overall Winners.

Written by Alice, Charlotte, Connie and Hettie