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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Art Week

The school recently held a whole school art week based around the painting 'Umbrellas' by Renoir.

This was highly successful and the children thoroughly enjoyed a week focusing on many different art activities which included a 'dress as an artist' day as well as opportunities for children to work as a group on a collaborative art work and on their own individual art piece.  This culminated in an art exhibition held in the school hall.  The children's individual works of art were framed and hung by Images Art, who specialise in school art exhibitions.  Everyone in school had the opportunity to see their own work in an art gallery as well as a chance to see what the rest of the school had produced.  It was amazing to see how each class had interpreted the umbrella theme in different ways.  The children enjoyed finding their work hanging in an exhibition and then they loved showing their parents after school.  The art week and exhibition also gave us great opportunities to offer peer critique.  The children worked hard on how to do this, to ensure they gave positive feedback focused on one area of the working sketches, such as shape, so that they helped their classmates improve their techniques and the final piece.  After the exhibition parents then had the opportunity to buy the work of their 'artist' with profits going to the school fund.  It has been a fun few weeks.

Lesley Cruickshank, Art Coordinator.