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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Stone Age to Iron Age- all in a day!

Year 3 took a trip back in time today when they visited Butser Ancient Farm.

The trip opened a window of wonder on the 'Stone Age to Iron Age' topic, really bringing learning to life as the children saw the different types of houses which make up this amazing village, built as they would have been thousands of years ago. Year 3 also learnt what it might be like to be an archaeologist working to uncover clues about how people lived long ago.

From making friendship bracelets by spinning wool, making iron age jewellery, building a fence from woven branches, to working to uncover buried artefacts, their visit had it all. What a great day!

Archaeologists at work!
Can you work out what we might be doing here?
We built this fence!
Look at our amazing jewellery!