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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Year 6 Book Club Explore Holes

This book club, we have been discussing the book - Holes by Louis Sachar

We discussed our favourite characters and our thoughts on the events that happened in the book. Throughout the book, the characters use nicknames for each other so we looked at the relevance of these nicknames, based on clues from the text, and also identified their real names. There is a character in the book called X-Ray (ironically - as he has poor eyesight) whose name uses Pig Latin. Pig Latin is when you get a word. Then, you put the first letter at the end and add ay to it. We were given words and sentences in Pig Latin which we translated to English. Why don't you give it a go!

Can you translate these words into English?



Hanktay ouyay

Who ever finished first, got first choice of cake!

We really enjoyed learning more about this book and we really hope that you enjoy the book too.

Article written by Lydia - Year 6