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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Kids for Kids

We had a special visitor with some great news this morning!

We were very pleased to welcome back Patricia Parker from Kids for Kids this morning in assembly. She visited us to tell us all about what Kids for Kids have been able to do with the money YOU have been raising.

Patricia reminded us about the important work that the charity does in the Darfur region of Sudan, providing help, training and ways to help families help themselves. She emphasised that charity on its own is no good, but giving people the means to help themselves will be far better in the long term.



Kids for Kids buy goats which can be lent to families to provide them with nutrient-rich goats milk- and then passed on to a new family in a few years so that even more people are helped. They also provide donkeys to help carry goods, training for midwives and help for doctors so that they can help others, and have even helped to build a new school.

How have St. Paul's helped?

Patricia presented us with a certificate confirming that, this year, St. Paul's School has raised £2298 through the amazing efforts of the dad's rowing team in the autumn term, collections at the Christmas services, and through the hard work of several of our children who set out, on their own, to run a stall at the Christmas Fair. At the end of the assembly, the Year 4 children involved were presented with their own special certificates too to celebrate all their hard work- well done everyone- every pound you raise and every contribution, however small, has made a BIG difference to the families of Darfur.

St. Paul's have raised enough money to buy 57 goats this year. Right now, you are helping 9 families to build a healthy future. In two years, another 9 families will take on your goats, and in another two years the cycle will continue. That's around 130 children who are able to drink- and benefit from- goats' milk every day! THANK YOU!