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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

News from abroad! (updated Thurs 10am)

(Well- you do have to get on a ferry to get there after all!)

Our intrepid adventurers over on the Isle of Wight have managed to rig up a rudimentary satellite connection using twigs, left over chips and a sombrero, and have sent us this update on their escapades so far. Thank you Miss Cattermole for taking the time to let us all know you're having lots of fun over there- and what great news to know that our children are representing the school so brilliantly as always!

"Great fun so far! Felicity and Tabitha's birthday has been full of surprises already! The weather has been so amazing and sunny. All the children have challenged themselves on the activities and behaved brilliantly. Instructors have commented on how impressed they are with the children's behaviour and  attitude."

A few pictures from a very happy bunch of Year Fives.





 Thursday update: More birthdays today, more sun and more fun!