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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Year 1 visit Wakehurst Place

Year One had a great day visiting Wakehurst Place yesterday.

The children were able to see all over this wonderful site, as well as taking part in activities which really helped the children with their science learning.  

We had a plant trail in the gardens looking at different plants and how they defend themselves from attach or attract bees and butterflies as well as looking at some different trees including the giant Redwood which took 12 children to circle it.  

We had plants showing each different stage of a sunflower's life cycle then acted it out, one of the photos shows children curling up to be seeds and being watered - literally!

Then, once grown and flowering, sunflower 'Deavan' is being visited by a bee!  We learnt about all the different parts of a plant we eat too.  A great day; thank you Wakehurst!