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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team  

Mr. Richard Catchpole -

Head Teacher

Head since September 2014, Mr. Catchpole oversees all aspects of school life. He is also responsible for the following additional areas:

  • Performance Management
  • Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Assessment and SEN Support
  • Disadvantaged pupil support
  • RE & Collective Worship

Mrs. Deirdre Malia -

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. Malia has taught a class or group in every year group at St. Paul's. She currently teaches Cedar class for part of the week, in addition to maths in Year 5 & 6. She is also responsible for the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Performance Management
  • CPD Co-ordinator
  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
  • Designated Teacher for children in care
  • Music co-lead

Mr. Hugh Hogan-Fleming -

Assistant Head Teacher

Mr. Hogan-Fleming spends most of the week teaching Year Six in Juniper Class. In addition, he is responsible for the following areas:

  • Whole School Assessment & Data
  • ICT Hardware & Management
  • support for RE & External Worship
  • Deputy Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
  • Publicity & Website
  • Music co-lead

Mrs. Loraine Pellman -


Mrs. Pellman looks after everything to do with the school building, personnel and the school finances.

Leadership team 

Mr. N. Monk

Phase Leader- Years 1-3

Mr D. Hill

Phase Leader- Years 4-6

Mr. Monk and Mr. Hill, in addition to their class teaching responsibilities, lead the school in literacy and numeracy.

Mrs. L. Hughes


Mrs. Hughes teaches for part of the week in Year 2 in addition to her responsibilities for children with special educational needs or disabilities.

Administrative and Support Staff 

Mrs. L. Pellman- Bursar

Mrs. J. Shaw- Office Manager

Mrs. T. Flint- Office Assistant

Mrs. E. Bodman- Office Assistant

Mrs. D. Moore- ICT Technician

Mr. R. Smith- Premises Manager

Class Teachers- from September 2016 

Teacher, class and areas of additional responsibility

Mrs. E Edwards

Year R- Oak Class (Mon-Weds)

EYFS Leader

Mrs. A. Suggitt

Year R- Oak Class (Thurs & Fri)

Charities & School Links

Miss L. Stanley-Ward

Year R- Ash Class

History & Geography 

Mrs. L. Cruickshank

Year 1- Sycamore Class (Tues-Fri)

Art & Design, DT & Outdoor Learning

Mrs. S. Shrestha

Year 1- Maple Class


Miss K. Andrews

Year 2- Rowan Class

Mrs. A Read

Year 2- Chestnut Class




Mr. N. Monk

Year 3- Willow Class

Phase Leader (see above)

Mrs. A Speight

Year 3- Hawthorn Class


Mrs. A. McLeod

Year 4- Beech Class


Staff Governor

Mr. D. Hill

Year 4- Birch Class

Phase Leader- see above


Miss H. Morgan

Year 5- Cedar Class

History & Geography Team

Miss. S. Cattermole

Year 5- Lime Class


Miss A. George

Year 6- Elm Class

support for RE

PE & Sport

Mr. H. Hogan-Fleming

Year 6- Juniper Class

Assistant Headteacher (see above)

Mrs. E. Bradshaw

Leadership Cover- Juniper Class


Higher Level Teaching Assistants 

  • Mrs. L Herbert
  • Mrs. D. White
  • Mrs. S. Solman
  • Mrs. J. Grant

Learning Support Staff 

  • Mrs. T. Burch
  • Mrs. C. Cadman
  • Mrs. V. Case
  • Mrs. S. Dalziel
  • Mrs. L. Herbert
  • Mrs. A. Holloway
  • Mrs. J. Howlett
  • Mrs. S. Leech
  • Mrs. D. Moore
  • Mrs. K. Salter
  • Mrs. S. Solman
  • Mrs. S. Watson
  • Mrs. R. Wan

Special Needs Assistants 

  • Mrs. A. Shilson
  • Mrs. H. Trenaman
  • Mrs. J. Grant
  • Mrs. R. Wan

Midday Supervisors 

  • Mrs. T. Burt
  • Mrs. A. Fenton
  • Mrs. B. Hard
  • Mrs. G. Newman
  • Mrs. D. Rose
  • Mrs. M. Rudd
  • Mrs. M. Stewart
  • Mrs. S. Tobin
  • Mrs. R. Wan