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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Aims and Values

Our aims and values

Our school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality for children of all faiths and none, within the context of Christian belief and practice. We promote Christian values through the experience we offer to all our pupils and encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith. We believe learning should be a lifelong journey of challenge, achievement and fun.

Our school values

CARING  - We aim to be a school where each child is happy and supported, experiencing grace and compassion from those around them.

We believe that God is gracious: he shows us undeserved favour and we do not have to earn his love. Jesus is our model of compassion: he comes alongside us in struggle. We aim to care for others in the way that God cares for us.

CONFIDENCE BUILDING -We aim to develop confident, independent learners. We have high expectations of learning and behaviour in a school where children are challenged, encouraged and not afraid of making mistakes. Children should leave St Paul’s with a sense of security out of which they can be both humble and courageous young people.  

We believe that confidence comes from our inherent worth as children of God. This gives us the security to grow in humility as we are not derailed by failure, and we do not need to put others down in order to feel bigger ourselves.

CREATIVE - We have a strong creative focus within our curriculum, ensuring that learning can excite, inspire and capture children’s imagination. Within this we foster each child’s unique spirituality and reflective skills. Children should leave St Paul’s with a freedom of self-expression, a sense of wonder, and joy in their God-given creativity. 

Because we believe in the Creator God of the universe, and that people are made in his image, we see our creativity as a reflection of God himself and therefore something we must nurture and celebrate.

CONTRIBUTION - We want all members of our school community to know they are valued for who they are and what they uniquely bring. We listen to the views of children, parents, staff and governors as we work together. We want children to leave St Paul’s with a developing vision for serving others.

Because we believe in the equal worth of all people, we have a vision that everyone in school values the contribution they, and others, make. We see in the life of Jesus our model of sacrificial service and our calling to imitate him.

COMMUNITY - We want our school to be a community where we trust and serve each other, and where we engage with our bigger community locally and globally. We ​aim for our children to be aware of their responsibilities as citizens in their wider world, so that they leave school w​anting​ to be agents of peace and justice.

Because we believe that God himself is community- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we value diversity and learn from God what mutual flourishing means. We believe we are called out of self-interest to pursue lives that glorify Jesus by serving others - especially the vulnerable and marginalised.