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St. Paul’s C of E Primary School

Curriculum and Assessment

From September 2014 for the curriculum, and September 2015 for assessment, huge changes in primary education have shaped the way we teach and assess children at St. Paul's.

We follow the statutory National Curriculum in all areas except RE, for which we follow an approved curriculum issued by the Diocese of Guildford- click here to find out more about this.

To find out about topics and units studied in each year, have a look at the curriculum overviews and outlines on our Year Group pages.

Whilst it would take too long to cover the whole curriculum here in any depth, we hope that the guides below, from our June 2016 parent information evening, will help you to understand some of the changes to assessment in particular.

In terms of assessment, the old system of levels, which was used from Year 1 right up until GCSEs, was abolished. Schools were encouraged to develop their own systems for assessment. There is therefore no consistent standard for assessing children across different schools, other than via statutory assessments in Year R, Year 2 and Year 6, introduced in a new format in 2016.

After research into many different systems, both commerical and Surrey-based, we have adopted a system similar to that already used in Year R- in common with many other schools. This uses material developed by Surrey, refined and adapted for our children.

It works on a principle of splitting the end-of-year expectations laid down by the new National Curriculum into categories- based on whether a child is developing towards these expectations, or has reached them ('expected') and has a mastery of all the skills they have learnt, in different contexts.

Children who are above the expected level then work to add greater depth and breadth to their learning before moving onto the next year's curriculum. No child can move to the curriculum from the year above in their current year if they haven’t mastered every skill on the end of year statements.

We are fully aware that every child is different, and that all work at different rates. Children who are not yet considered to be developing towards the expectations of their own yeargroup are carefully monitored and supported to help them make as much progress as they are able to- with the aim of catching up over time.

An information evening was held for parents in June 2016 to outline our approach to assessment and the new curriculum.

You can download a copy of the slides from the meeting below. Information on each key stage has also been separated out to help with finding information relevant to your child.

You can also download an adapted copy of our assessment criteria for writing, reading and maths. This guide is similar to that used by staff to assess children. It is therefore quite complex, but gives a guide, especially in maths, to the end-of-year standards expected in each year group.

If you have any questions, please do pop in and see one of the leadership team.